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Browse our great selection of designer wallpaper and wallcoverings. Whether your project is the perfect children's bedroom, striped study, floral hallway or practical kitchen, we have the style and colour for you.

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Bond Girls Silver (1091102) Wallpaper
A stylish and glamorous design, featuring fashionable silhouettes of beautiful Bond Girls in shin..
Hydrangea (W220/05) Wallpaper
a mass of stylised hydrangea blooms drawn in grey with pearlised cream petals with dijon yellow c..
Yoshino (W512/04) Wallpaper
A pretty stylised floral trail. Shown here in two shades of metallic silver on a rich matt onyx b..
Rene Pacific (W209/03) Wallpaper
A simple yet striking design of vertical stripes in stunning shades of blue, gold and brown on a ..
Mountains Dusk (MISP1050) Wallpaper
A stylish mountains wallpaper with a red setting sun and finely drawn with a small pattern - beig..
Harriette Candy Pink & Lipstick (OMCC09105) Wallpaper
Richly detailed Edwardian inspired black and red hats, with velvet touch black glittery flock on ..
Cotton Tree (MISP1034) Wallpaper
A delicate organic design of a stylised cotton plant - in a stunning ranges of colours. Shown her..
Leaves (MISP1030) Wallpaper
A graphic illustration of free flowing leaves drawn here in white on a rich teal background. Plea..
Saplings Sunflower Yellow/White (MISP1009) Wallpaper
A pretty delicate design with leaf outlines growing up the pa. Shown drawn in white on hot sunflo..
Belle Rose (115738) Wallpaper
A pretty small scale paisley motif design in shades of pink,blue and green on a warm red backgrou..
Early Bird (386010) Wallpaper
Stylised garden birds on floral branches, with butterflies and dragon flys. Shown in sugar sweet ..
Regatta Crew (136445) Wallpaper
A pretty small star motif in white on pink. great for bedrooms! Please request a sample for true ..
Saga Ii (29054) Wallpaper
A stunning floral trail design with lots of intricate detailing. Showing in beige on metallic pea..
Scala Divina (74871) Wallpaper
An delightfully unique design (right-hand wall) of tiny shimmering beads separating the pearly cr..
Stripe (300247) Wallpaper
A bold stripe in four colours and different widths with a high gloss finish and a raised print ef..
Big Rose Blue (2000100) Wallpaper
A Retro shabby chic floral design with butterfly\'s and spots in multiple colours on pale blue. o..
Stars White (2000162) Wallpaper
A world traveller wallcovering with symbols from different country\'s around the world. showing i..
Bond Girls Violet (1091103) Wallpaper
A stylishly glamorous design, featuring fashionable royal-purple silhouettes of beautiful Bond Gi..
Hydrangea (W220/07) Wallpaper
a mass of stylised hydrangea blooms drawn in brown with pearlised cream petals with lipstick pink..
Aurora Walnut (W198/03) Wallpaper
A simple yet dazzling design of explosive swirls, bursting outwards in stylish gold and silver do..
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