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Browse our great selection of designer wallpaper and wallcoverings. Whether your project is the perfect children's bedroom, striped study, floral hallway or practical kitchen, we have the style and colour for you.

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Pets Champagne (1091205) Wallpaper
Stunning silhouettes of modelesque women in couture gold fashion outfits with their glamorous pet..
Blossom (75301) Wallpaper
A statement wallpaper, featuring a contemporary blossom trail.. Silver Grey and Neutral. ..
Hessian (45610) Wallpaper
A natural textured hessian design in a muted colour palette.. Cappuccino and Neutral. ..
Dappled Leaf (110162) Wallpaper
Inspired by the shadows of leaves cast on a wall, this painterly design comes in a rich colour pa..
Salvia (110157) Wallpaper
Delicate Salvia leaves entwine their way over this versatile wallpaper in an array of colours ran..
Prato (15732) Wallpaper
A feature ombr̩ stripe in an array of mouth watering colours.. Coffee, Cappuccino and Neutral. ..
Element Texture (110091) Wallpaper
A stunning metallic texture printed on a heavy weight vinyl.. Gilver. ..
Vortex (110078) Wallpaper
A graphic spiral design in a contemporary colour palette.. Silver and Aubergine. ..
Kimiko (35612 Wallpaper
A Japanese inspired lantern design which represents the fragile beauty and spiritual tranquility ..
Go Go Retro (70505) Wallpaper
A cleverly drawn collaboration of cars, scooters and camper vans.. Sailor Blue and Sky Blue. ..
Hawthorne (W222/05) Wallpaper
a trail of silhouetted hawthorne leaves/branches in a dijon yellow on a cream background. Availab..
Earl Stripe Onyx (W213/08) Wallpaper
A stylish & elaborate trail of intricate spirals, leaves & stunning flowers in striking m..
Mountains Blue Moon (MISP1051) Wallpaper
A stylish mountains wallpaper with a white setting sun and finely drawn with a small pattern - bl..
Plumbago (91/7030) Wallpaper
A pretty trailing plumbago flower shown here in beige with light brown foliage leading to the aub..
Orchid (66-4032) Wallpaper
Make an impact with this stunning orchid design, clear blue petals, dusky coffee leaves and a sof..
Fioretti (69/1103) Wallpaper
Fioretti (Yvette Morgan 1956): A stylised Italianate design evocative of the period in an easy to..
Corallo (77/4014) Wallpaper
Feathery coral images have been arranged into a stunning new quartet. Tree shaped coral branches ..
Peonie (77/3010 Wallpaper
Originally adorning wild 1940s silk scarf this design has been reworked as flowers within flowers..
Claudine Copper & Bitter Chocolate (OMCC09101) Wallpaper
A beautiful sensuous design showing elegant women melting into each other. Rich bitter chocolate ..
Savernake (W5793/04) Wallpaper
the elegant outlines of painted large-scale leaves drawn in fresh green on a cream background. Av..
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