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Browse our great selection of designer wallpaper and wallcoverings. Whether your project is the perfect children's bedroom, striped study, floral hallway or practical kitchen, we have the style and colour for you.

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Venezia (25628 Wallpaper
A luxurious damask wallpaper in a simply irresistible array of mouthwatering colours. . Silver an..
Empathy (110057) Wallpaper
A large scale, simple yet dramatic botanical damask taken from an art deco archieve document.. Si..
Akiko (10112) Wallpaper
A versatile shimmering plain wallpaper which sits across the Tamika Wallpaper range.. Pale Gold. ..
Misaki (75931) Wallpaper
An exotic leaf trail, inspired by a Japanese garden.. Rose Pink and Neutral. ..
Rush (70537) Wallpaper
A modern barcode stripe in a dazzling colour palette which works in perfect harmony with all of t..
Chervil (W515/03) Wallpaper
A wonderful large scale cow parsley design with the flower heads silhouetted in a contrasting col..
Facet Rosebud (W526/01) Wallpaper
Pretty whimsical High Society prints of geometric circles repeated in a stitched effect - showing..
Vine Tree (81/7027) Wallpaper
A mid Victorian design, delicately sketched flowers give another dimension to this classic design..
Malabar (66-1002) Wallpaper
An elaborate metallic gold design of paisley fan shapes on a light brown base. Perfect for featur..
Wisteria (89/10040) Wallpaper
A rich coloured design reminiscent of hand-painted lacquer work showing beautifully detailed Wist..
Woodstock (69/7126) Wallpaper
Woodstock (Designer unknown): Inspired by the swinging 60s and psychedelic designs of the period ..
Malachite (77/7025) Wallpaper
The hypnotic ripples of the semi-precious stone, depicted by Fornasetti on furniture and even a l..
Magnolia (86/7025) Wallpaper
Inspired by a 19th c paper cut-out design Ð used here as a stunning large scale motif. Shown in t..
Corteccia Dove (W6190/02) Wallpaper
A pretty textured plain wallcovering with a speckled all over effect, in a wide range of colours ..
Jewel Of Spring (W5800/04) Wallpaper
A large scale parrot tulip, the designer Suzy HoodlessÕs favourite flower, in brilliant clashing ..
Jagmandir (W6023/02) Wallpaper
A flock of fantastical storks depicted in metallic leaf with brightly coloured plumage. Shown in ..
Coronata Star (W5733-02) Wallpaper
A modern and funky design of metallic bronze stars on a fresh and bright background of lime green..
Herrick (W5721/05) Wallpaper
A chinoiserie lattice with shadow and metallic highlight putting the chocolate brown trellis patt..
Skateboarders (W6064/02) Wallpaper
A lively, animated design by Quentin Blake Ð cheerful children in pink and purple wizz and whoosh..
Muscat White (MISP1020) Wallpaper
A stylised vertical helix in two different sizes and colours - giving a simple but abstract desig..
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