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Browse our great selection of designer wallpaper and wallcoverings. Whether your project is the perfect children's bedroom, striped study, floral hallway or practical kitchen, we have the style and colour for you.

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Belle Rose (115747) Wallpaper
Black and white ink drawings of garden birds set on a pale pink spotted background. Really sweet...
Regatta Crew (136433) Wallpaper
A chequered tartan design in two tones of blue on a light blue background. great for bedrooms! ot..
Stripe (300364) Wallpaper
A bold stripe in four colours and different widths with a high gloss finish and a raised print ef..
Block Black White Silver (BLO B/W/S) Wallpaper
A stunning and bold design with layered bricks in black, white and metallic silver, sorry silver ..
Quilt (5151) Wallpaper
A stunning and unique design of beautiful feathers in dramatic layers in black and white. Hand pr..
Winter Poppies Yellow (2000184) Wallpaper
A pretty floral design of winter poppies. showing in pink and blue on mustard yellow. Other colou..
Eyebrow Black & White (1091503) Wallpaper
A pretty glossy rose pink and white stripe - approx 5cm wide. Available in 5 colours. Please requ..
Gardenia (60403) Wallpaper
A striking wallpaper combining oversized seed heads.. Amethyst, Lime and Neutral. ..
Beads (110178) Wallpaper
This pretty design features a delicate beaded trail embellished with metallics.. Quince / Celery ..
Persephone (110184) Wallpaper
A bold, large scale design in lustrous bright colours, mixed with neutrals. . Aqua / Honeycomb / ..
Susa (35307) Wallpaper
A luxurious circular motif design inspired by Persian and Indian influences.. Turquoise and Gilve..
Venezia (25632) Wallpaper
A luxurious damask wallpaper in a simply irresistible array of mouthwatering colours. . Gilver an..
Empathy Stripe (110059) Wallpaper
A broad stripe which co-ordinates with Empathy.. Silver and Apple. ..
Akira (25412) Wallpaper
A luxurious damask with delicate detailing in a varied but highly useable colour palette.. Pearl ..
Miya (30513) Wallpaper
A flamboyant floral print in a vibrant mix of fashion led colours.. Fuchsia, Tangerine, Graphite,..
Rush (70538) Wallpaper
A modern barcode stripe in a dazzling colour palette which works in perfect harmony with all of t..
Rowan (W221/06) Wallpaper
stylised image of rowan branches in shades of aqua with yellow berries and pearl pairs of birds o..
Luella Cherry (W199/02) Wallpaper
A pretty and endearing design of dainty and intricate flowers in pink and metallic silver, bloomi..
Humming Bird (62/1004) Wallpaper
The classic ColesÕ award winning design dating from 1755 Ð with exotically coloured humming birds..
Flamingos (66-6042) Wallpaper
Fantastic feature wall paper with white and pink flamingoes on a soft grey background. Please ord..
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