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Browse our great selection of designer wallpaper and wallcoverings. Whether your project is the perfect children's bedroom, striped study, floral hallway or practical kitchen, we have the style and colour for you.

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Twinkle Toes (70807) Wallpaper
Every little girls dream! Twinkle Toes features a variety of glittery shoes.. Lilac, Gold and Whi..
Passion (30736) Wallpaper
This billowy floral has proved so popular that new colours have been introduced - a mix of fashio..
Heat (75377) Wallpaper
A unique & inspirational design of exploding palm leaves in striking shades of metallic azure..
Belle Rose (115736) Wallpaper
A pretty small scale paisley motif design in red, pink and white on clear pale blue, with dots an..
Regatta (136445) Wallpaper
A smart, fresh, fine navy blue and white nautical stripe pattern. Please request a sample for tru..
Scala Roccoco (74824) Wallpaper
A taupe Baroque ornamental design with a creative arrangement of the tiniest shimmering beads. Pl..
Waves (904 28 63) Wallpaper
Smooth wavy horizontal lines almost like an animal print on a paste the wall wallcovering. Shown ..
Dots Red (2000144) Wallpaper
A fun dotty design - showing in pinky red on pale pink. Other colour ways available. Please reque..
Damask Ladies Moon (1091008) Wallpaper
A glamorous metallic silver damask of trendy floral trails and profiles of beautiful ladies on a ..
Formosa (75309) Wallpaper
A stitched curling fern design in a panel stripe.. Soft Mauve and Pale Gold. ..
Seagrass (45618) Wallpaper
A natural textured seagrass design in a muted colour palette.. Pale Gold and Neutrals. ..
Grasses (110154) Wallpaper
A feature grass design in a fashion led colour palette.. Ecru / Celery. ..
Nalini (75109) Wallpaper
A feature floral wallpaper inspired by Persian and Indian influences.. Ochre and Gilver. ..
Rimini (25649) Wallpaper
A luxurious damask wallpaper in a simply irresistible array of mouthwatering colours. . Silver an..
Empathy (110053) Wallpaper
A large scale, simple yet dramatic botanical damask taken from an art deco archieve document.. Si..
Vortex (110077) Wallpaper
A graphic spiral design in a contemporary colour palette.. Silver and Concrete. ..
Kimiko (35615) Wallpaper
A Japanese inspired lantern design which represents the fragile beauty and spiritual tranquility ..
Jolly Jurassic (70525) Wallpaper
With its cheeky (but educational!) dinosaurs, appeals to boys and girls alike.. Strawberry, Emera..
Hydrangea (W220/05) Wallpaper
a mass of stylised hydrangea blooms drawn in grey with pearlised cream petals with dijon yellow c..
Florence Berry (W214/03) Wallpaper
An elegant and elaborate floral trail of stylishly blossoming flowers in pink and mulberry with g..
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