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Browse our great selection of designer wallpaper and wallcoverings. Whether your project is the perfect children's bedroom, striped study, floral hallway or practical kitchen, we have the style and colour for you.

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Entice (110098) Wallpaper
A stunning feature tree silhouette with sparkling beaded detail.. Silver Sparkle, Sage and Willow..
Hana (75900) Wallpaper
An exotic floral and leaf trail in a combination of rich jewel tones and powdery neutrals.. Graph..
Candy Plain (70510) Wallpaper
A versatile plain that sits alongside the What a Hoot wallpapers.. Lemonade. ..
Bloomsbury (W219/01) Wallpaper
an apple blossom vertical trail design of sketched branches on a cream background with petals in ..
Delores Barley (W212/08)
An elegant and stylish damask-style design of a large-scale flower in a calming, chilled colour comb..
Tulip Damask (81/9037) Wallpaper
A late 19th C Art Nouveau damask design with single silhouetted tulips encircled with leaves Ð dr..
Malabar (66/1001) Wallpaper
An elaborate metallic gold design of paisley fan shapes on a turquoise blue base. Perfect for fea..
Wisteria (89/10042) Wallpaper
Rich coloured design reminiscent of hand-painted lacquer work showing beautifully detailed Wister..
Woodstock (69/7127) Wallpaper
Inspired by the swinging 60s and psychedelic designs of the period in an easy to use paste the wa..
Mediterranea (77/5016) Wallpaper
This atmospheric array of buildings was designed in the late 1940s for the entrance hall of Forna..
Lillie Rich Ebony (OMCC09107) Wallpaper
Richly detailed high heeled black and silver shoes, with velvet touch black glittery flock on a m..
Best In Show (W6181/02) Wallpaper
A cut out of different breeds of dogs repeated. Showing in Beige and Cream. Other colour ways ava..
Foxglove (W5805/03) Wallpaper
Inspired by the magical image of wild foxgloves on a Scottish baronial estate but coloured to stu..
Aravalli (W6025/01) Wallpaper
An oasis of Indian palms with black foliage highlighted in metallic silver on a bright green back..
Rombico (W6037/01) Wallpaper
A hologram of reflective diamonds in a clear silver metal effect. A really stunning visual extrav..
Dryden (W5725/04) Wallpaper
A grand Persian-inspired damask printed as a true flock in vivid pink on a soft matt brown backgr..
Quentin's Menagerie (W6063/04) Wallpaper
Farmyard frolics by Quentin Blake - irresistibly playful dogs bound through cats, chickens, ducks..
Muscat Small Rose/White (MISP1005) Wallpaper
The smaller scale version of this design with a stylised vertical helix in white on rose pink - a..
Emilia (15304) Wallpaper
A simplistic multi leaf stripe design in a versatile colour palette. Cream and Lime. ..
Rosella (30209) Wallpaper
A sumptuous all over floral design in a pearlescent finish.. Lime, Coffee and White. ..
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